The Great Comet of 1680




This illustration came from Governor Samuel Pennypacker's book THE SETTLEMENT OF GERMANTOWN, page 126.

The larger print at the top reads:

Des Neuen Wunder großen Comet Sterns West west-sud gegen Nord ost eigner Lauft Sambt der gegend und beschaffenheit des Observatory in der Bastey (Bastei) auf der Posten in Nürnberg observirt und vor Augen gestelt.

Translation (or at least the gist of what it says): The new wonderfully large comet star, which travels west-southwest to northeast, including its location and consistency, was sighted and observed on the post in the bastion of the observatory in Nürnberg.


Following this in smaller print is a mixture of German and Latin showing dates of appearance and latitude and longitude. If someone else thinks the information is important and wants to take a stab at transcribing and translating it, please feel free to go for it.


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